Woman asks for feedback from man who ghosted her and gets brutal response

Woman asks for feedback from man who ghosted her and gets brutal response

TikTok star Danielle recently decided to text a man who ghosted her after a few dates to find out what went wrong, and she was shocked when she got a brutally honest reply

A woman asked for feedback from a man who ghosted her and was hit with a brutally honest reply – and his response has left the internet divided.

TikTok star Danielle, who posts under the handle @danielleria1, shared a screenshot of the conversation with her fans – which starts with her asking a rather awkward question to someone she once dated.

She captioned the video ‘ you can’t win them all ‘, and added that she decided to go after the man for info after he ghosted her for seemingly no reason.

In the man’s response, he said how he had abandoned their would-be relationship due to online dating, saying that it had killed romance and going on to describe it as a ‘shag fest’.

In the short clip, Danielle said: “So I’m gonna show you a text from a conversation from a lad who I’ve seen previously and then I think we need to discuss it.”

“The text came about because I wanted a little bit of feedback from him. We went on two dates and it just kinda fizzled out. So from his point of view, I wanted to know why it fizzled out.

“I mean he was honest. I’ll give him that.”

A screenshot in the video shows Danielle’s text, which reads: “Hey, hope you’re alright. Real random one, but I was wondering if you could give me a little insight on why dating never really progressed with us? Just looking fo a bit of feedback.”

And then he replied: “I’m good thanks, hope you’re good too. It’s dating on apps, gives people too many options and variety. It’s killed the dating game.”

Danielle then asks if the man went back onto online dating and he said that he was now on Tinder, and when she asked how it was going he replied: “It’s a shag fest.”

Danielle added that she felt better for hearing the answer, but some of her fans couldn’t see why she would ask, and one said: “Asking for feedback is so strange.”

“I’m not brave enough to ask for feedback from the guy I’ve been seeing,” added another. “My heart already hurts. I just want to be enough”.

A third user said: “Respect his honesty”.