Man’s attempt to record sister’s graduation interrupted by rude text message

Man’s attempt to record sister’s graduation interrupted by rude text message

Tabbi Reed had to wait for her graduation as it was delayed by the pandemic, so when it finally came around she wasn’t taking any chances and asked her brother to screen-record it from a live stream

A young woman regretted asking her brother to screen-record her graduation ceremony as the special moment was interrupted by a rude text message that popped up on his display.

Tabbi Reed, 22, asked her brother, Ed, to record her graduation from a live stream and thought that would be the safest way to capture the special moment.

But as he was recording, Ed received an awkward text message from a friend, that simply said: “I’ve s**t myself again.”

It’s probably lucky that Tabbi Reed studied philosophy, as she’ll be pondering her decision for years to come after the embarrassing blunder.

Tabbi, from London, said: “Family and friends couldn’t go inside the senate house for the ceremony because it’s quite a small building.

“Ed is on a year abroad in The Netherlands so I knew he would be watching anyway and asked him to screen record it for me.

“I just found it so funny. The recording came over the next morning when I was quite hungover. I showed it to my mum and we just burst out laughing.

“Sam and Ed are best friends. He hadn’t actually pooed himself, it was just a funny text between the two of them.

“This is pretty standard fare between the two of them. The message could have said anything. After seeing the recording I think they’re both quite pleased with themselves.

“Fortunately I had also asked my mum to record it just in case so I do have a normal version too. Lots of sweet people in the comments section gave me ideas of how to edit it and fix it.”

It later emerged that Sam had been egged on by Ed to deliberately interrupt the recording with an amusing message – but didn’t realise it would cause the drama it has done by going viral and stunning the family.

Sam said: “I knew Ed was recording the graduation as he had Facetimed me before it started asking me to send a weird message.

“I sent that over when he prompted me. It was only meant to be a little prank. I thought it was pretty funny but never expected it to go as viral as it has.”

Tabbi’s video has been viewed more than 1.1million times with commenters joking Ed should have had his phone on do not disturb mode while others were ‘worried about Sam’.

One commenter said: “Are they [Sam] ok though? Like did someone get them an Immodium?”

Another person wrote: “Am I the only one who’s worried about Sam?”

One commenter said: “Hope Sam Bing is okay these days.”

Another person joked: “OMG, do not disturb always. Congratulations, I’m so jealous of how gorgeous your ceremony was.”

One simply wrote: “One moment of silence for Sam Bing.”