I’m proud to be a traveller but people are afraid of me and call me inbred’

I’m proud to be a traveller but people are afraid of me and call me inbred’

Irish traveller Mandy Marie Gavin has spoken out on TikTok about being stereotyped by people outside of her community and how proud she is to be a traveller

An Irish traveller has lifted the lid on what it’s like to be harshly stereotyped by people from outside the community – from being accused of being inbred to staff members following her around shops.

Mandy Marie Gavin regularly takes to TikTok on her account @mandy_marie_gavin, to share what it’s actually like being part of the travelling community and how proud she is.

However, the TikToker has revealed how she finds that people are often scared of her because of the fact she’s a traveller, confessing that she finds it really “sad” because she’s “actually a really nice person.”

“In fairness it is probably them being intimidated by you as you are really pretty,” one TikTok user responded.

Mandy has also spoken out about being called an “inbred b” and says staff working in shops will often assume she’s going to steal something and will regularly follow her up and down aisles to make sure.

Elsewhere, Mandy answers questions everyone wants to know about traveller lifestyle, with one clip explaining just why so many families cover all their furniture in plastic.

“In a caravan, like 90 percent of them, you can’t actually remove the material, so if it gets stained or if something spills on it, that’s it, it gets ruined and I just wouldn’t be able to look at that,” she explained.

“So this is why we keep the plastic on the seats, if anything spills or anything like that you can easily wipe, and about every month or so we just take that plastic off and put new plastic on it, and we sellotape it. It’s not uncomfortable or anything like that.”